EnglishAletris Deluxe Hotel & Spa


Aletris Hotels is approximately 600 m from the beach. Its length is 100 m. Our beach has a private sandy beach.

Our guests can benefit from the sun loungers, umbrellas and cushions on our beach free of charge. Towel Stand Service is provided at the Beach and Pool.

Have fun as you wish with beach volleyball.


The differences where you can spend time in different pools all day waiting. Enjoy the sun by sipping your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage. You can say "you're welcome" or "goodbye".

Our facility; 2 Large Pools (630 m²+360 m²), Indoor Pool (60 m² + 150 m²), Indoor Children's Pool (12 m²), Outdoor Children's Pool (60 m²), Slides A total of 1200 m² pool with its swimming pool (150 m²) and Swim Up Pools

Swim UP 1; 125 m²
Swim Up 2; 110 m²
Swim Up 3; 150 m²

*1 MAIN OUTDOOR POOL at the beginning of the season, at the end of the season and in winter Serves as heated.


Aletris Deluxe Hotel & Spa